Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday

(1) I need a new blog header. 3 birds for a family of 4 doesn't cut it anymore. Also been thinking about changing the name. Thoughts? Ideas? My Instagram shop is Four birds and it's kinda catchy.. Sigh.

(2) We got the official word in Madison's baptism date in October. I'm anxious for this day to see how she does in front of hundreds if people with the way they do it. She will either talk up a storm or be super shy.. Either way, Alan will cry ;)

(3) I lucked up and found 3 basically brand new maternity jeans at Goodwill yesterday! $12 for all 3! I have a hard time finding them being 5'3" and all. Plus they tend to run $40 or so in stores.. I'm not paying that for 3 months worth of use.

(4) A local high school must have had a parade yesterday. On one of the busiest streets in town. At 6:00. Seriously?! It took me 15 minutes to go half a mile! 

(5) I tried the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte yesterday at Starbucks. Not bad but I won't order again. Then I come home to read a DIY version that includes the ingredients of said Latte. 49 grams of sugar. 12 teaspoons of sugar. TWELVE! That's a 1/4 cup!! I had just barely passed my Glucose test earlier in the day so I am sure this put my Insulin into panic mode! If I did like it, I wouldn't order it again just for that reason. Geez!

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