Monday, January 14, 2013

What's in Madison's bag?

Madison has 3 diaper bags. A small Thirty-One bag, a medium Thirty-One bag and a large Graco bag. Here's what I pack in each bag to help me survive! I typically carry this small bag since I'm usually just in need of a few essentials. If she is staying with someone for a while, I will take the medium since I pack food and milk and some toys. The large is used for vacation or day long trips.

A few diapers, diaper rash cream and a refill pack of wipes. After a few diaper blow outs, the small plastic refill bin won't cut it. Sometimes if I'm running somewhere quick, I will take the small pack.

A change of clothes. I get a pair of pants to match her current shirt and the extra shirt and the extra shirt matches her current pants. That way if she messes up one or the other, I don't have to change her entire outfit.

A wet/dry bag. This is for soiled bibs, burp cloths, clothes or diapers. Ours came from Target for less than $10.

A bib and burp cloth.

A snack pack or container with Puffs or Cheerios and a sippy cup filled with water.

Disposable changing pads for public restrooms or other people's house.

A coat, hat and gloves if its cold. A sunhat if we will be outside.

I keep hand sanitizer in my purse and in the car.

If you fold everything and put them upright instead of laying down and your bag will be a lot more compact and you will be able to see everything!

For Madison's food(for babysitters), I have a thermal Thirty-One bag and I use an ice pack in it.

It fits a sippy of milk, a sippy with water and would fit a few bins with food/snacks.

What essentials do you carry?

I do not sell nor sponser Thirty-One. I just love their bags :)


  1. I have LOTS of thirty-one since I am a consultant! LOVE IT!

    1. My best friend sells it but my mom got me the 2 diaper bags.. I did buy the thermal bag. Love them!


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