Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Busy play

Madison is all about putting items in things. Emptying toys out and then putting them back. She's all about hand/eye coordination and is very good at it! I made a Dollar Tree trip yesterday to buy some sensory activities(more on those later) and part of what I bought was an ice cube tray(2pk) and a bag of craft pom poms. She loved taking the poms out, putting them all in and then dumping them all out again. She was only occupied for about 10 minutes but it helped me get supper ready! This is a good color and counting game. It also helps identify shape(she calls them balls) and they can be done with anything pretty small.

I also picked up a sugar shaker, a box of toothpicks and a bag of craft pipe cleaners. This takes some serious hand/eye coordination and she loves this more than the trays. This is a good cause and effect game. She knows if she shakes the shaker, toothpicks will fall out :) Of course with any small or sharp object, pay close attention so they do get stuck or try to swallow the items!

I will be blogging some more sensory activities soon! Please share your ideas with me! I love trying new things with her!

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