Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 16 months, Madison!

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She cut 3 teeth in her 15th month. Her lower and top left incisors and her upper right incisor.

Playing with bells at the library

Things she says new this month(her form of the word is in quotes):
Love you "Laa"
OK -"K"
Hello "Lo"
Slide- "Lie"
Glasses- "Gla"
She says "Thank you" a lot more clear(like "Kank eww") and is using it more often without us telling her to say it. You can hear her say it twice in this video when she's handing me her toy(after telling me no..ha)

She's getting really good at putting shaped blocks into their holes, putting Legos together, putting her peg puzzle pieces in the right slot, sharing(or not) and telling us "no" when she doesn't want something. She only wants to be held on her terms and would rather walk most of the time. She is getting too independent for a stroller or buggy which makes shopping quite inconvenient.

She recognizes and calls out clocks, cats, balloons, cars and fish. She knows all of our animals when we call them by name.

She gets funnier and funnier the older she gets. She is also very loving. I love that she pats you on the back with you pick her up. She hit her foot recently and started crying. I picked her up to comfort her and she stopped crying and patted my back. I think she knew it hurt my feelings that she was crying more than it hurt her foot.

Some pictures of her throughout the month

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