Monday, January 21, 2013

Little gymnast

Since she was a year old we wanted to do gymnastics. She loves flipping and dancing. I looked at the time and didn't see a class for her age. We talked about it again and I did some more digging and found a class for 16 months-3 years so I called. It's a once a week 30 minute class. The class is pretty small with only 5 kids. I told our library friends A + P and they decided to go along. P is 17 months. 

They started out by stretching. Then they walked on balance beams, worked on the bars and finally get in a foam pit. It teaches her to focus and listen to instructions and also how to do things she don't normally do(hand stands, flips on the bar, walking sideways, etc). It's also good exercise for both of us since I'm helping her do everything.

She did not love the foam pit. I give her a few more times going and she'll be crawling all over it.

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