Friday, January 11, 2013

How I keep Madison's closet organized

 Madison's room is a standard bedroom. It's not huge. Especially with a glider, crib, toy box and entertainment center/changing station in it. It doesn't leave any real wall room for a chest of drawers. Here's how her room is organized so we are able to fit all of her things!

Her closet
I hang all of her clothes except her pajamas. Pants are to the far left, then coats, short sleeves, then long sleeves. Any bigger sized clothes are to the far right, behind her current size clothes.  The 9 cubby bin was bought at Target and I love it! You can buy different colored bins or leave some cubbies open for bookshelf storage. On the shelf above her clothes are extra wipes, diapers and her diaper bags. To the left of the cubby is her hamper(not shown), her cloth bag for library books and extra plastic bags to take to the library. In the empty slot on her cubby is a spot for her library books waiting to be read. Then her night time diapers(she wears a size up) and her sun hat. To the right of the cubby is a pack of diapers and her travel DVD player/movies

A hanging shoe organizer hangs on the inside of the door to hold jewelry, shoes, socks, tights and hairbows.

Her pajamas go in two drawers in her cubby.

Blankets take up 2 drawers. In the other drawers are bed sheets and hats/gloves. A couple of bins are empty.

 I didn't want to waste money on a changing table. They looked unsturdy and cluttered to me. Plus I wanted something with more storage. I ordered the dresser that matched her crib but once we went to put it together, we didn't like the quality and we returned it. We found this entertainment center at a local furniture outlet and knew it'd be perfect. It has 3 drawers that hold bibs, burp clothes and brushes/toys that keep her occupied while changing her. The 2 doors also have a pull out drawers and a shelf big enough for books. Then the center shelves are big enough for whatever. On top is her changing pad, lamp, clock, wipes, sanitizer and a bin that holds lotion, diapers and q-tips. When she gets older, we will likely(or not) have a tv on the top and will have room for a DVD player and toys or books.


  1. I love how you organized the closet! :)
    We didn't use a changing table either.. I used a dresser and strapped the changing pad to it. :)

    1. Thanks! It works for us :) Yeah, I can't justify spending a couple hundred dollars on something that has no other purpose and seems flimsy.


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