Saturday, January 19, 2013

Grocery store time saver!

I joined e-meals again. After getting tired of trying to come up with creative menus week to week, basing those recipes around what's on sale and clipping coupons and blah blah blah, I just bit the bullet and decided to try it again. Since I left a while back, they now do 7 meals instead of 5 and it's $21/3 months instead of $15. This is our 3rd week back and I love it. Use the coupon code DAVE for a small % off your first 3 months. I think it was $3 off.

I took their grocery list template and made my own. I always need a good bit more groceries than just groceries for meals(snacks, breakfast, drinks, etc)  and sometimes I will miss something if I just write it to the side. So I made a document broken down by areas of the store-produce, dairy, frozen, canned/packaged, health/other. I have a column for coupons and the far right column is for price. If I have a coupon, I subtract it so I get a ballpark idea of what my total should look like. If I'm not sure of an exact price, I guesstimate.
So I start out printing my Emeals recipes and grocery list. I then mark off the meals or sides we don't want and then go to the pantry and mark off the items I already have and don't need to buy. Then I will just copy each item over to my grocery list and then I add in things I need. My list is for Publix. I love Publix. The people are always so nice. The store is always clean and it's not crowded at all during the weekday. Plus they double coupons up to .50(for every coupon .50 or under, they double it so my .50 coupon is now $1 off)

Then I go to I heart Publix and browse their Weekly Ad with coupon matchups. That way I can see if there are any good stockup items(or if any of my grocery list items have coupons somewhere). They will tell you if and where any coupons are for all of the items in the weekly ad. Awesome, right? So I go through the ad and if there are any good stock up items that I have coupons for. If so, I put them down. I pull all my coupons out and put them in an envelope. As I grab my items, I pull the coupons out and put them either in the buggy or in my pocket!

My list ends up looking something like this;

I always tend to forget something after printing it out and end up writing something. As I go through the store, I highlight the items I've gotten. Simple enough!

Do you have any tricks when shopping to make it easy?

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  1. Nice to find your site via sew many ways! Thanks for the motivation to get back to being organized and using the coupons I have! (I go in spurts!) Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Hopefully this blog will get you back on track and maybe make it a bit easier for you to use your coupons!


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