Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bead sensory box

Madison loves her new sensory boxes. I made a total of 4 and will be posting them over the next few weeks. This is good for texture play, hand/eye coordination and it's good for busy, alone play.

For this box I used oatmeal. I bought googly eyes, a few strands of beads and I included the Silly Bandz that I got from the Goodwill Bags O Fun I bought a couple weeks ago. I also put in a small strainer for her to scoop and pour.

This is the reason I want edible material.

I keep this box in the kitchen and it allows me to prepare supper while keeping an eye on her. She loves playing in the floor.

It also allows for easy clean up. I will have to replace the oatmeal often I'm sure, since she empties half of it every time she plays.

I bought all of these items(except the Silly Bandz) at Dollar Tree. Goodwill is a great place to get small items to put in them. Ours sells Bags O Fun which usually include a bunch of small plastic toys. 
As with any small toys, make sure to keep a close eye on them!

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  1. Visiting from Sew Darn Crafty, and I LOVE this idea! I teach kindergarten and have a sensory box as a center. Currently it contains long grain rice that I dyed with a variety shades of food coloring. Little ones have so much fun digging and discovering what is hidden within. My box is getting low on rice, and it is a major job to dye enough to fill the tub that I use...I may be stealing your idea for oatmeal as filler. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh wow thanks Jeri! I also have a rice sensory in her sand/water table but since it's cold, it's indoors on the carpet and gets quite messy! I have dyed half of it yellow and added some vanilla for good smells! I also have a pasta and bean box too! Keep a lookout since I will be blogging those later. Oatmeal may be a nice change and may get them to play more since it's a new material? Thanks for stopping by!


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