Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly activities June 23-27

Make it Monday
Keeping with our letter of the week theme(A), I cut an apple in half and let it dry all day. Then she stamped with green paint.
Take a trip Tuesday
We went to Barnes and Noble for story time. She then played with the train table set up there. We then went to 3 different stores looking for beach items.

Wet and Wild Wednesday
SHe went to Nimmie's today and they got in the pool there.
Thinking Thursday
Library story time day. It was a black light puppet show!
Madison's shirt and Minnie's eyes and bow was glowing!

Fresh and Fun Friday
 I drew an acorn on paper and we painted some glue on.
Madison then sprinkled some potting soil on the top and bread crumbs on the bottom.


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