Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Social- June 15

1. 4 favorite phone apps 
Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Target's Cartwheel app

2. 4 favorite Summer TV shows
We ditched Satellite and got Roku. We are currently watching old series(Lost and How I Met Your Mother) The only current seasons shows I/we are watching is Hell's Kitchen, Parenthood, Bachelorette and Shark Tank  

3. 4 things you would NEVER do  
Sky dive, eat a rare steak, own a car after having an SUV, repel off anything.
4. 4 items you carry with you no matter what  
My ID and phone are the only things I never leave without.

5. 4 blogs we should follow

 Scary Mommy - I'm always forwarding articles to Alan. I've laughed and cried at most of them.
Loves Bakes Good Cakes - I just found her via a friend and she posts some YUMMY recipes! It's not all sweets either.
Teaching 2 and 3 year olds - A great resource for me for activities for Madison
Southern Savers - coupon matchups and sales


  1. We've been thinking of converting from car people to SUV people. Do you really love them that much more? It's only us and our two small dogs but I'm kind of interested in the change.

    1. Yes! I drove a Honda Civic before my 4runner and I feel so much safer! We didn't have any kids when I got it and now we have 2 kids and it has room for a dog in the back or between the car seats! Do it!


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