Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekly activities- June 16-20

Make it Monday
 We didn't do anything this day. Alan's mom came and watched the girls a while and I ran some errands and did some shopping and then she took Madison to her house until bedtime.

Take a trip Tuesday
 I took them to a nearby playground. It was in the blazing heat at 12:30.
Madison kept saying it was too hot, so we didn't stay long.

Wet and Wild Wednesday
Fail. Didn't do it. 

Thinking Thursday
Library story time day
Almost exact picture from last week. She did play a little after reading.
Riley kept watching her and reaching and smiling.

Fresh and Fun Friday
Part  of our summer daily schedule is incorporating a letter a week into our day.
We started with the letter A late last week(and will roll it over into this week)
We did fingerprint Ants for a craft.

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