Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer activity schedule and the first week in photos!

I posted before of needing a loose schedule to help keep the madness at bay around here. I found one online that I liked and it was broad enough for us to do different things on Madison's level. I will post weekly updates on our activities!

Monday- Make something! A recipe, a craft or build something!

Tuesday- Take a Trip! Movies, museum, park, outing

Wednesday- Wet and Wild! Swimming, Water park, splash pad

Thursday- Thinking. Library, experiments, worksheets

Friday- Fresh and Fun. Do an activity you've pinned on Pinterest.

So last week was a bit off because Monday was a holiday and we did our "Take a Trip" that day to Table Rock beach. 

Tuesday- we just hung out around the house. I painted her nails and we played in the playroom. We read books and played with Riley.

Wednesday- I filled up her pool and made her sidewalk chalk paint(1 cup corn starch, 1 cup water, food coloring).

 Thursday- we hit up story time at the library, did interactive play time afterward, she played on the playground there a bit and then we checked out some books. 

 Friday we made cloud dough(8 cups flour and 1 cup baby/vegetable oil) and played on the porch

If you have toddlers out of school, what are your plans? We bought a State Park pass that we have been using weekly at the park near our house. She enjoys the playground and throwing rocks into the water. Alan took her to walk the trail yesterday. We also plan on visiting a water park in a few weeks and hopefully taking some day trips to the mountains.

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