Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy 5 months, Riley!

Her personality has really come through this month. She smiles that huge smile. She laughs a lot. She's so ticklish! She 'talks' a lot! She's so sweet and lets Madison just crawl and love all over her!

Riley has had a time this month between getting her shots that messed her sleeping up for a week or so and then lately, she's hit what I assume is a growth spurt. Shes eating a ton, getting back up every 3 hours at night and is just all around grumpy. I hope she's back to normal soon!

-gave her oatmeal for the first time today. She loved it! We will probably give her 1-2 teaspoons a couple of times a day. 
-between 13-14 lbs
-size 2 diapers
-3-6 months and 6 months clothes

To view these videos, click HERE

In her bouncer, smiling


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