Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekly activities- June 9-13

Make Something Monday- I tried "fluffy stuff"(2 boxes corn starch and 1 bottle shave cream) but she had nothing to do with it. It felt really funny mixing it together and she was done! We added a little starch and a little cream at a time to try to mix better.
 So I took the rest of the shaving cream and food dye and we made bath paints. That, she loves!

Take a trip Tuesday- We met some friends at the local splash pad. Neither of the 2 year olds wanted much to do with it. It was taken over by much older kids that were running and splashing and all but pushing the girls out of the way. That night, Alan took her to our library for story/craft time and she got to play on the playground a few minutes.

Wet and Wild Wednesday-Since we did water on Tuesday, we didn't do it Wednesday. It also rained this day so we stayed inside.

Thinking Thursday- Library day! She wanted to read books instead of play.. I'm okay with that!

Fresh and Fun Friday-I woke up feeling sick again. Argh! We didn't do anything fresh or fun. We stayed home all day. This sinus bug is killing me.


  1. The shaving cream (bath paint) looks fun!

    1. She loves painting with colored shaving cream!


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