Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Things

-We, and by we I mean Alan, are painting our front door black.  The door needs 1-2 more coats and after a coat of primer, the surrounding white wood will be painted black also.

I'm also in love with this screen door.
 I need one for the front and back door, please.
via Pinterest

..and the idea of having curtains for the side windows.
I actually love this entire entryway.
I have also thrown out the idea of painting our interior doors coordinating colors with the rooms..
via Pinterest

-Thanks to my amazing husband for taking completely over for Madison Sunday. I was a zombie all day. I came down with some sinus issues Saturday afternoon and couldn't function at all on Sunday. He took her to church and to run errands and after her nap, he took her to the State Park to play for a few hours so I could get some rest. Thanks to Riley for napping with me from 7am-12:30pm and for napping most of the day but unfortunately she's come down with a cough herself, but thankfully no fever. I hope this house gets better soon!

- I cancelled my Emeals account. I've had this for years. It helped me tremendously in meal planning and grocery shopping. I've come to find that most of the recipes aren't that great though. I was finding myself replacing 1-2 meals that I knew we wouldn't like with freezer meals or leftovers. While planning my own menu and grocery list is taking me for.ev.er, I'm trying to shop for 2 weeks now and I am actually spending more money on groceries than when I had Emeals(including the emeals monthly charge). I'm trying to plan my meals around sales and coupons and using up all of an item in things and making simple meals a few times a week. How do you menu plan? What are your go-to meals?

-Our library has a ton of Summer activities going on. At least once a week, there's an activity that I, or Alan, can take Madison to. There are actually a few activities a week but most are during their nap times. We will be venturing out this week to the magic show that's going on. Mommy/Madison date while Daddy can rest at home.

-I have completely caught up to Parenthood. I'm so bummed to now have to wait for the season to start back. I have now started How I Met Your Mother. I've watched a few episodes and it's pretty funny. I'm also watching The Bachelorette. What shows do you recommend? I'm looking for some series I can find on Netflix or Hulu.

-I feel like I've fallen off of the blogging world lately. I'm trying to come up with weekly ideas so you will be hearing more from us! I will try to do a weekly update, Summer activities list of things I'm doing with Madison along with some week/weekend in photos posts. Anything you want to see, leave me a comment or email me and let me know! I've gotten horrible at blogging but it is something I enjoy.

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