Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday- June 20

Linking up with these girls for more randomness with 5 on Friday!

Alan finished our front door. We love it!
We left the trim white to tie in with the spindles inside the window that are white.

Which has now led me to want curtains for the side windows(for the inside), another planter for the other side, new lighting, a new rug and a new doorbell(trying to find the right one).. Help me...

Made Weelicious' French toast sticks. Madison approves!

I started the series Pretty Little Liars this week. While I do enjoy it, something about the way they film it gives me a headache. It's like the lighting or quality or something is weird. It's a suspense show about a group of 5 high school girls. It has a lot of twists and turns so far. Anyone else watch it?

Trying to work on a daily schedule for Madison. Started today. Has seemed to help our day already.
Will blog about it later, once I figure out what works for us.


  1. Very excited the schedule works! It definitely helps us! It keeps S busy and not bored. Plus some routine I think is always good. But we definitely keep it flexible. :)

    1. Then only things that aren't really flexible is she has always had to get her school and chores done. We've always had chores for her since M's age maybe a little earlier. Just simple things at first. Now she can't work on some school stuff alone and she knows her chores and knocks them. So yeah.. But the schedule really does well for us and her.

    2. I've done bad since this was written up. I am incorporating some schedule into it like a craft including letters and more outside time. It does help though having a loose schedule.


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