Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This past week

Alan took off work Wednesday and his work was off Thursday and Friday. A nice, long weekend! So of course, that means getting projects done. He pressure washed the gutters, sidewalk, columns and anything else with a shade of green on it.

Thursday, we went to my moms cookout. We didn't keep Madison awake to watch fireworks because she had only napped 30 minutes that day and was wiped out. Plus I think she would be afraid of them.

Then he decided to clean out Baby #2's bedroom, which was his office. He did most of the work while I watched Madison but it all got done! Everything is out except the paper shredder and litterbox. In the mix, he also rearranged her playroom. She seems to play with her toys more when you rearrange them.

Church on Sunday went well. We decided that Alan would not walk with us to the nursery. We would see how it would go and if she was upset, I would stay with her a bit. She, of course, pitched a fit when we seperated from Alan but she settled down shortly after. We went in the nursery and she seemed fine. A little girl came up to give her a snack and she took it and then asked to get down. She then went and played in the puppet house. After a bit, she went over to play with the kitchen and I snuck out. I made it to church in time. They announced during church that an ice cream truck would be giving away scoops after church, so we picked up M and enjoyed some ice cream while she played games. We weren't the only people there, promise!

I had an unscheduled dentist appointment yesterday due to my partial chipping. He fixed it up and made it fit tighter. Much better. I have to wear it another year since I can't have my surgery until after Baby is born.

What have you been up to the past week?


  1. Yay, the nesting has begun!!!
    Oh, I bet Alan would have a field day at our house...we need to pressure wash the walkway sooo bad, I mean, dude, it's black and green. Ickballs.

    Can I just say that candid outdoor photo is beautiful?!

    And I can't believe your partial chipped! Ergh!

    1. Alan's being the nester, not me! I kept begging him to just sit and chill out! Ours was pretty gross too. Anything that was white or concrete, had a green hue to it :/

      The church always has a photographer at the activities after church. This is the first time we've gotten taken! Too bad it wasn't more fun lol. We look like Madison is begging for attention and we are totally ignoring her!

      Ah, I expected the partial to chip. He put bonding on there to replace gum colored acrylic that they used to fill the gap in my tooth. I think it had gotten so lose that it was just rubbing and finally chipped off. It wasn't horrible but I have to wear it so long, I want it to look good.


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