Monday, July 8, 2013

Day in the life- June 25

Kari over at Better Together did this last week and she's a mom of 2 under 2. I read hers and became amazed at her ability to multi task. I'm always a fan of moms that can get stuff done while their kids are playing. Kari's smallest is 3 months old. If you don't follow her already, go. She's super sweet!

7:45-M starts stirring. I always let her play because sometimes she falls back asleep. I check email, Facebook and start playing Candy Crush. I decide to get out of bed around 8:20 since we have to be ready by 9:30. I make my decaf coffee, her milk and I make a treat of cinnamon toast. She hasn't been eating much lately so I am hoping this will make her happy.
8:30- the toast is done and she's whining. I get her up, change her and sit her on the couch to drink her milk and watch cartoons while I cut up her toast and finish getting my coffee ready. She gets done and I hand her a slice of toast. She eats it! While she's eating, I let our dog, Wilma off the porch to potty and feed her. I then sit down to eat quickly. 

9:00-I turn our bedroom tv on Disney Jr for M so I can get ready. I bring her last sliver of toast and juice box in our room. She will roam between the bathroom and bedroom while I get ready. Madison left me a nice surprise while I showered so I change her diaper and get her toothbrush to brush her teeth

  Gymnastics day doesn't deserve time wasted to be cute since I sweat it off anyway.

9:35-We leave for gymnastics. Afterwards we are done, we go to a local store to get my best friend a birthday gift and to Hobby Lobby to pick up some ribbon and a glue gun for Madison's birthday party. 

12:15- we are home and I've changed M, fixed her lunch(black beans, blueberries that she doesnt eat, strawberries and grapes) said the blessing, fixed my lunch(salad and blueberry muffin) and we are sitting down.  I check Facebook and Instagram while we eat.

12:50- Madison has finished eating and I've put her down for a nap. She's been down 20 minutes and is still playing. I start a load of her clothes in the washer, empty, load and start the dishwasher and sweep the kitchen and living room. I get done and start YandR while I finish my salad and muffin. 

1:30-Alan's mom gets here and M is still playing in her crib. She starts crying and I get her up, change her and I leave for my annual eye appointment. 

4:00- I get done(nothing's changed), get a box of contacts, stop by the store for some drinks and fruit and come home. Talk to Alan for a few on the phone and M and her Nimmie are on the porch. We sit out there a while and she leaves. I put M down for another attempt at a nap. She keeps rubbing her eyes so I'm hopeful. I sit down for a snack and finish YandR and watch Kardashian and Kelly and Michael. Then I get up, fold a load of clothes, feed the dogs and mix and shape the meatballs for supper.

5:45pm-Madison got up around 5:15, I'm in her room folding her clothes and Alan gets home. He's taking our dog, Micki, for her annual checkup and leaves before it starts raining. Madison asks to eat and I give her 3 slices of watermelon cut up while I upload some pics for this blog and she watches cartoons.

7:00pm- Madison eats a banana and half, drinks her milk and I give her a quick bath after I put the meatballs in the oven.

8:00- We received a form today for Madison's baptism so we are filling that out while supper finishes cooking.  We call Alan's aunt to let her know that I'm pregnant. She will be out of the country for the next 3 weeks so we wanted to let her know before she left. We finally eat around 8:20 and put The Call in. Really scary but pretty good!

11pm- The movie was over around 10:30 and Alan goes to bed. I stay up and watch Catfish so I don't have nightmares all night. A little after 11, I head to bed myself!


  1. You are so sweet, thank you! I'm jealous you have family near by. That will help so much with your new little one :).I have nightmares too if I watch something scary.

    1. You're welcome! Yeah having his mom live in the same town makes it much easier. Plus she's a teacher so she's off during the Summer, which also helps with summer appointments.

  2. Came to check out your post to make sure I do mine right :) I see we have the same taste in TV shows :) I am hating that DISH took away CBS bc I haven't seen Y&R since Sept 30th! Ahhh! I'm pretty sure though whenever we do get it back I prob won't have missed much LOL! You will have to fill me in!


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