Friday, July 12, 2013

What baby #2 won't get.

So we all go a bit crazy for our first kid. We have no idea what to buy, what the kid needs or will even like. Here's my list of what our 2nd babe won't be getting.

-a $200 bed set. With Madison, I fell in love with her set(Love birds by Bananafish). It came with a crib skirt, bumper, blanket and sheet. $200. She never used the blanket sinceifare still not ready for that phase of her life. She used the bumper for a few months until she could roll herself over and then we switched it for a breathable bumper. She used the crib skirt until we had to lower the crib mattress when she started standing. We did and still use the sheet though. Not worth the money. While it was gorgeous, babe #2 will have a sheet and breathable bumper with no blanket and no crib skirt from the get-go. Sorry!

-Infant only car seat. Duh. We will buy an infant to convertible seat and save $200.

-a new diaper bag. Thank goodness Madison's big baby diaper bag was black! Score!

-All new clothes/shoes if it's a girl. While I have already bought a few new pieces,  I have a whole closet of Madison's clothes.

-to sleep in our room for it's first 4 months. We swore Madison wouldn't sleep in our room. The day we brought her home, she choked on milk. She not only slept in our room, one of us stayed up to watch her sleep. This baby will, hopefully, not choke(ever!) and will sleep in his/her crib the first night.

-be bottle fed full time(hopefully). I breast fed Madison for 3 weeks. I didn't feel she was getting enough milk so I started pumping. I pumped for 11 months! It's more inconvenient than breastfeeding in my opinion. You have to feed the baby and then go pump. At night was the worst because I'd get up to feed Madison and then I'd have to go pump for 20 minutes. By the time I got done and fell back to sleep, she was waking for another feeding. Repeat

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