Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy 22 months, Madison

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Well we have 2 months left until our little girl is 2. TWO! Geez, when did this happen? She is so very smart and we get told by everyone that she seems older than she is. She sometimes says 4 word sentences! It's crazy the things she picks up that people says.

She has picked up "Back hurts". I even took her to the Dr because she kept saying it. Only to find out that she was just repeating what Alan said. She never ran a fever or acted sick. Lesson learned. Don't say that anything hurts around her. She still mentions it here and there.

She has suddenly started not wanted to stay in the nursery at church. One Sunday we brought her into church. The next Sunday, we left her and they said she cried the whole time, until they took them for a ride in the buggy. This past Sunday, she started crying before we got to the room. we decided I would stay with her in there for a while and Alan would go into church. She cried for Daddy when he left but she calmed down after a few minutes and asked to get down. She started playing with another older girl and one of the teachers said she would take them for a ride in the buggy until church let out, so I made my exit and made it in time to hear the sermon. We may do this for a few Sundays until she understands that church is fun and hopefully she will like it again.

Naps have been crazy this past month. Some days she wakes up at 7:45 and will nap an hour around 2:00 and then some days she wakes up at 9:30 and nap 2 hours at 3:00. It's a guessing game lately! If she doesn't nap more than an hour, she goes to bed 30 minutes early.

She's in a size 4 diaper(5 at night) and is finally in a size 4 shoe! Most kids her age are in a size 6 shoe. She's still in 2T and 3T clothes. We are still doing gymnastics one day a week and library story time at least one day a week. She starts school in August which is exciting for both me and her.

Loves - fruit, Tec the Tractor(cartoon), her Daddy, being outside, dancing, music, Wilma

She has this silly grin that she does all the time. 

She went to the highest point East of the Mississippi and took her 2nd hiking trip

Wore her first "pony".. If only for about 10 minutes

Happy girl

You can hear her Southern accent here. "Pen"  is "pe-an" I think she's gotten my accent, poor child! You can also see her huge knot on her head where she hit it last week.

Happy 22 months to our sweet girl. This month has been quite a ride. Most days are great but some days are the terrible twos! We are learning to deal with the change. On the complete opposite hand, she has been so loving this month. Voluntarily coming up to our legs or back and hugging us. Giving us kisses or hugs when we ask, or just wanting to sit in our lap more than normal. She has also started saying "I love you" first. That takes your breath away. I enjoy this little phase so much! You are such a funny and smart girl! People always stop us in the store to tell us how pretty and good you are. People always tell us how much smarter than a 22 month old you seem. That makes us feel great, of course! You get smarter everyday and sometimes wake up saying new things. It's pretty crazy! We love you so much, pumpkin!

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