Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Photo an hour

7:00am- fixing oatmeal.

8:30am- on way to take Madison to school

9:30am- starting a new workout. Thank goodness for Youtube on DirectTV
 My audience

10:30am- this girl is so tired but won't nod off.. Trying to get her drowsy.

11:30am- on the way to get Madison
12:30pm- feeding Riley while Madison plays with her new fake makeup set that I won for her

1:30pm- Put Madison down for nap.

2:30pm- mopping living room
3:30pm- mopping kitchen after taking a break to get Madison up and balance checkbook.

4:30pm- on phone with Alan.

5:30pm-cooking supper. Hamburgers, onion rings and slaw.

6:30pm-putting up Riley's clothes while she watches
(I'm only 2 feet away, not sure why it looks like 10 feet!)
7:30pm- giving Madison a bath

 8:30pm- catching up reading blogs while watching Teen Mom 2

9:30pm- blogging while watching The Bachelor

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