Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy 2.5 years, Madison!

I am a day late getting this up. Time just slipped by yesterday! 
It's amazing the change in her just since her 2 year birthday. She's is very social, once she warms up to you. She's very funny and loving and is the best sister in the world. She loves Riley. Like, seriously loves her. She is constantly loving, hugging and kissing on her. She loves crafting-gluing, painting, coloring, drawing, etc. She loves playing outside and going on 'adventures' with her Daddy. Her memory is the craziest thing I've ever seen. She will see something or hear something once and will remember it. She's such a sponge. If you are around her and don't want her repeating something, don't say it!

You are the sweetest, most beautiful, funniest, silliest 2.5 year old there ever was!
We love you so much, Madison!

Perfect straight line on the T and she traced the lowercase d almost perfectly!
I didn't help her at all. 

 -Wearing size 6 shoes and 3T clothes. Weighs 30 lbs.

-Bedtime at 8pm and wakes between 7-7:30am.

-Potty trained her in November(26 months) and was fully trained by December. Regressed when Riley was born and we still struggle. Hopefully soon we will get back to it.

-loves fruit, milk, ketchup, raisins, craisins, applesauce, cheese, yogurt, goldfish, Chic Fil A nuggets, Sonic popcorn chicken and slushies.

-hates meat, unless it's seasoned meat like taco, spaghetti, etc.

-knows basic shapes plus hexagon and pentagon. Has known basic colors plus gray, brown and gold since before 2.

-counts to 10 and recognizes each number, except 10 is 1 and 0. 

-knows alphabet(since 2) and recognizes a handful of letters

-knows a TON of songs and loves music. She loves playing her guitar and singing.

Some pictures from after her 2 year birthday to today.

Below are some videos since Madison turned 2 in September. If you get email updates, click HERE
to see the videos.

24 months

Saying ABC's
24 months

Playing guitar
25 months

Singing Jesus Loves Me
25 months

Riding the train
25 months

Burst of energy before bedtime
28 months


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