Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cleaning schedule revisited

I mentioned last week that I needed to revisit my cleaning schedule. I posted my original cleaning schedule a couple of years ago and as time went on, more chores needed to be done and then I forgot about my list and then I had another baby. Life is crazy hectic now so I need to get back on track with a schedule. I know it sounds crazy to have to have a schedule to clean. It's not that I need a reminder to clean, our house stays picked up but some things get overlooked. I will glance at this list daily and do what I can, when I can, throughout the day.  I did get asked what our schedule was, so here ya go! An updated version. Interested in starting your own schedule? Just list all of your chores and sort them by days. What you think you can handle per day. Granted I am a SAHM and have all day to get mine done so I cram as much into each day as I think I can handle. Working parents or non-parents may have to set some things to do on the weekend. I want my weekends free, other than the daily chores, so I kept them free.

Monday- Dust entire house. Clean all windows/mirrors. Wash jeans. Water plants.

Tuesday- Mop living room/dining room/hall. Wash colors. Vacuum all carpet.

Wednesday- Bathrooms. Toilet, counters, tubs, shower, sweep and mop. Wash towels. Dust entire house. Wash dog/cat bowls and bath toys.

Thursday- Wash Madison's clothes/bedding, Riley's clothes/bedding and our bedding. Clean both girls' rooms, including dusting and windows.

Friday- Kitchen. Wipe all surfaces including cabinet doors and microwave. Wash colors and whites. Vacuum all carpet. Pick up play room.

*Daily- scoop litterbox(change litter as needed), sweep, load/empty dishwasher.


  1. I seriously need to find a cleaning schedule that works for us and print it out so that I have it in physical form to see.

    1. I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel the house looks in just a week. In the morning, I just pull out my list and do things as I have time.


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