Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday

{One} I have been bitten by the blog bug thanks to my friend Lauren. She tagged me in a blog post the other day and requested I do the same post with my own answers. I have that one coming for you next week, after a couple of pre-scheduled blogs, including the girl's Easter pics. I just can't find the time to blog and when I do find the time, I have a hard time thinking of stuff to write about. When the girls are sleeping, I'm typically doing chores or exercising. At night, I like spending my time with Alan and not on the computer typing up blogs. I have to find that balance.. 

{Two} I woke up feeling sentimental today. I do that from time to time. The girls are growing up SO fast. I mean this morning, Madison said a sentence that was about 12 words long, literally. I mean she is having full blown conversations like an adult. She has for a while but it keeps getting better and more clear and she uses correct grammar from time to time. Then this morning she told me she "wanted to go to school by yourself(myself)". Thanks, hun, for bursting my bubble. I reassured her that she's too small to go in by herself but I would leave her by herself after me and Riley dropped her off. She happily said "ok!".. I thought that phase came at 10 years old, not 2.5.  
She looks 4 years old here..

-Then there's Riley.  She's only waking once or twice a night now. She's cooing and laughing and smiling constantly. She's 2.5 months already!! It's insane.
 {Three} I'm in serious need of lunch/snack and play ideas for Madison. She's very picky. She doesn't eat meat or most veggies. She does love fruit but she's lacking protein. I follow Weelicious and have a Pinterest board for food for her so I'm hoping to get some ideas for healthy meals. I also need play ideas. It's still winter here most of the week(and Spring the other part) so playing outside isn't an option on those cold days. She has an entire bonus room of toys that she's bored with. I do printable worksheets that she seems to enjoy but they are typically 30-50 pages. I do like them because they teach her stuff as well as being fun for her but I can't print that much paper/ink once a week. Also, school lets out in less than 2 months for Summer break. We need structured activities to keep her(and me) sane. All of the playgrounds nearby are too big for her to play on her own and I am not much help wearing a 12lb baby in a sling on my chest. Throw me some ideas! 

{Four} I finally found a cardio workout on YouTube that I like. We have DirectTV so I can pull up YouTube and watch videos on the tv. The only catch to the workout is the girl is annoying! She is constantly saying "leave a comment" and calling out her viewers by their screen name. After a couple of times, I decided to mute the tv and play MUSE radio on Itunes radio on my phone. So much nicer!

{Five}Isn't it weird how some days you feel super productive and then others you are dragging your feet all day? I feel super productive today. It's 3:45 and so far I have done all my daily chores, a few things on my to-do list, worked out, posted/scheduled some blogs and both girls are currently down for their naps. I am exhausted and would love to catch a small nap but here I am. Thanks to Madison for sleeping in until 7:45 this morning so I could get 3 of those things done before she even woke up! That's about the only positive to getting up at least an hour before the girls. Well, that and being able to eat non-soggy cereal and drink hot coffee.

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