Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Staying organized for a new baby

Her changing table has a bin that holds diapers, wipes, sanitizer, lotion and qtips. I restock these items twice a week or so. Her top drawer has burp cloths for easy access. The second drawer has bibs. The left top drawer has her booger sucker, fingernail clippers and diaper rash cream -all for easy access if I need it while she's on the table. The second drawer holds breastmilk bags and disposable breast pads.

In the living room, we keep a Boppy, burp cloth, bib, blanket and nursing cover on the chair for easy feedings, cleanups, coverups etc.

On her Pack N Play in the dining room, I also keep a blanket and burp cloth and a burp cloth inside for her head to lay on. Easier to clean a rag than the bottom of the pack n play!

At the rocker in her room, I have a Boppy, burp cloth, blanket(for propping her head) and bib. I also keep my breast pump and phone charger plugged in for easy access. I'm having to pump once or twice a day because I tend to get engorged late at night. I already have a few days worth of milk in the freezer and that makes me happy!
On her crib, I keep a burp cloth and bib draped over the side. Sometimes I feed her sitting in the daybed and I use those for that. She also lays on a burp cloth for the same reason as above. 
The blankets, Boppy covers, bibs and burp cloths gets replaced every couple of days. Obviously if the bibs or burp cloths get dirtied, they get replaced right then. 

-Boppy's are a parents best friend. Not only for breastfeeding but for holding. We use them to help prop her up in our lap. I also use it to prop her up sitting beside me in the chair. Keep one in every room you handle the baby in. We have one in the living room and her room and I have 1 more in the closet for back up ;)

-You need a TON of burp cloths and bibs, if you're anything like me. At any given time, I have 4 out in the rooms. Not to mention the ones in her diaper bag. I suggest having at least 10 of each.


  1. Ditto on the burp cloths! Though my version of a burp cloth is a receiving blanket. I have probably 20 of them (maybe more) and I still use them to this day, but for different reasons.

    1. Yeah, I'm washing burp cloths about every 2 days. It's crazy.


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