Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Riley Kate!

Monday night (Jan 6) , I start having contractions around 10pm. By 2am, they are 2 minutes apart and about 30 seconds long so we decide to head to the hospital. I get hooked up and watched for an hour and half. My contractions go from 2 min apart to 7 min to 4 min apart. All over the place. I am dilated at 3cm and 75% effaced and at 5am, I have no changes to my cervix so they send me home. I ask them to induce me at this point since my due date is the next day but they say it's not an emergency and that they are overbooked for inductions for that day. They advise me to keep my Dr appointment for Tuesday morningand go in and schedule one with him. We head home, sleep for an hour and get to the appt at 8:30. I am still 3 cm and 75%. He tells me I am ready and to come in to be induced Wednesday, January 8 at 6am.

I go in to be induced at 6am.

They get me checked in, hooked up and situated by 6:30. Started my Pitocin (the meds to speed things along) at 7AM. I am contracting 2-4 min apart at 8AM and around 3min apart at 9am. They break my water at 11:45am and the pain comes very quick and super intense. My doctor says I should have a baby by 5pm! Around 1:00pm, I request my epidural. This time, I have regular front labor. With Madison, I had back labor which was a tad more bearable. By 2:00, my epidural is in and working.. Ahhh! I don't remember the timeline of my dilating but I know I went from 4cm to 7cm in about an hour it seemed. My nurse told me after my epidural was working to call her if I felt pressure before she checked on me again in about an hour. Around 3, Alan walked out to use the rest room and I feel that pressure! I page the nurse, Alan comes flying back in asking if I was ready to push. My nurse comes in, checks me and I'm ready to start! 3 pushes and 18 minutes later, Riley was here!

8.3 lbs
20" long


She's sweet, calm and perfect. We are so blessed to have 2 perfect girls. Riley is so lucky to have a big sister that loves her so much. More on the meeting of Madison and Riley later :)

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