Monday, January 20, 2014

Madison meeting Riley for the first time

 Madison was at the hospital with her grandparents. We wanted her to be the next person other than Alan and myself. About 45 minutes after I had Riley, we got Madison to come in.

She came in and immediately started loving on her. Giving her kisses and saying how sweet and funny and tiny she was. It was the absolute sweetest thing ever.




Madison adores her sister. She randomly goes up to her and hugs her or kisses her. She talks about how sweet and tiny she is.She wants to tell her good night before bed and tells her "It's okay" when she's crying. She likes to help us pick out her clothes, put her dirty clothes in the hamper and any other thing she can help do at this time. Riley smiles when Madison talks to her. If Riley is in her room sleeping, Madison wants to constantly watch her on the monitor. Riley has no idea how blessed she is to have a big sister like Madison.


  1. Be still, my ovaries! This is too sweet for words, so I'll shut up now and read it again.

    1. Aww thank you! I get teary eyed watching them together. Madison adores her.


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