Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy 13 months Madison!

 Rocking in her Great Gimmie's rocking chair from the lake house.

This has been a great month! I'm sad I don't have any more month sticker pictures to post :( She is such a super happy baby. She smiles and laughs and talks constantly! She is so hilarious! We are so very blessed to have such a happy, healthy baby girl. She is always so willing to share her food or toy. She never hesitates to hand me something if I tell her to. Even when she's playing with her app on my phone. If I say "Hand it to Mama", she always hands it to me. She may cry after giving it up but she does give it up. I never really have to worry about her putting something in her mouth that she finds on the floor because she usually hands it to us when she finds it. Just when you think the floor is clean, leave it up to a 1 year old to prove you wrong :)

She is doing really well walking(assisted). She is too scared to let go for some reason but will walk a long way holding one hand. She will also walk 5-6 steps between two people. We are hoping very soon she will be walking on her own. She will have a ball when she does!

She learned how to crawl up the stairs at 10 months, she really 'walks' up the stairs just as good. When we hold her hands, she will lift her left leg just about as high as it will go to get to the next step. She does the same thing with the welcome mat at the front door that is only about a half inch off the ground. So funny!

She broke her left top tooth yesterday(Oct 6)! Her right one will likely break through this week. She started grinding her teeth today.. I hope that phase passes very fast.

She got her first cold this month. It has lingered around for 3 weeks now :( She's a trooper though!

She has been saying "nonono" some..She calls everything "Dada".. Man or woman, doesn't matter. Usually just in pictures. She will look at a phone and say "Heeeeeyyyy Daddy" lol. It's so cute. She tells everyone "Hey". When we go to the store, she talks to everyone that passes her. She is so friendly to everyone. She waves at them and flirts with the men! She knows how to work it! She has also been copying us a lot..I swear certain things I say, she repeats them. Certain noises we make she will repeat.

We are working on drinking from a cup, walking and word association a lot. She looks and/or points to Caterpillar, Buzz/bee, Owl/hoot, squirrel and Mommy/Daddy pictures hanging in her room when we ask. She has always associated lights with a switch and knows who Wilma(our dog) is.

She has recently associated blowing with a candle, smoke, hot food and even dandelions! On our walk a couple of weeks ago, she suddenly looked and started blowing. I looked over and there was a single dandelion. We thought it was a fluke so when we saw another one a bit up the road, I told Alan not to point it out and see what she did. He stopped her car and just let her look around and sure enough! She spotted it out and started blowing! She also did this in a book that had smoke coming from the chimney. When we got to that page, she started blowing. Smart girl!

Her schedule hasn't much changed. She is completely off breast milk now. I stopped pumping August 15 and she had enough frozen to mix with cow's milk until the week of her 1 year birthday(September 6). She has dropped the amount of milk now that she's strictly on cow's milk. She has also been drinking 2-3 small sippy cups of water a day, with her snacks and during play time.

8-9am- wake up. 6oz milk and a banana or orange with a pancake or oatmeal muffin.

10-11am- snack of a muffin, pasta, veggies(her recent fav is peas) or a piece of fruit

12-1pm- 6 oz milk and veggies or whatever leftovers I have, if any

2-3pm - snack of whatever she hasn't ate yet that day :)

5pm- another snack

7pm - 6 oz milk and whatever I cook for supper that night.

bath, story, prayers and bed by 8pm

We are still going to the library once a week with a visit to the park afterwards if the weather is nice. I have also been taking her to the park a second day of the week too. I'm looking into getting us into a moms club of some sort so we can have more activities during the day.

September 11- She went for her 1 year wellness check. Her weight was 21 lbs(72%) and she measured 29.75"(70%) We have a tall, healthy girl! :) This was the first round of shots she reacted negatively to. She got pretty sick that night right before bedtime but it passed pretty quick. She had to get her second flu shot this coming week. Not looking forward to that.

(Twins?) Waiting on the Dr to come in.

September 11- we were eating supper and she propped her leg on Alan's leg and said "Tickle tickle tickle" while moving her foot.. I tickle her feet and neck a lot and always say's so cute!!!

 Trying to keep food in the bowl. Fail.

Looking at a picture of her Daddy holding her when she was a day old. :)

The closest to Heaven here on Earth is a baby sleeping on your chest.


Picking out the wheat tortillas.

She's learned to talk on the phone. The person she's talking to may not hear her since the phone is on the back of her head though :)

She has learned to press the on/off button on her bears that make noise. So funny!

She's been playing peek-a-boo a lot. She will hold up a washrag, towel, doll.. whatever will cover her eyes. It's so cute. In between dancing, she did this with the curtain in her room

bowl fail.

She really liked the cup we got for Malachi

Park days

Library time

Sweet potato head..

Someone has enough clothes for an army. :/ Mama has a 'shopping for baby' addiction. 
This is just her current size of clothes. You also don't see 5 jackets, her pajamas and shorts. Sigh.

Bad hair day.

Bath time!

Future Photographer

These were taken at Malachi's party yesterday(Oct 6). She had a ball on the inflatables!

Here's to another fun month! Mama and Daddy love you so very much, Pumpkin!

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