Thursday, October 11, 2012

Play room ideas

Reason 23902 I love Pinterest! I have been getting ideas for a while on how to decorate our bonus room to make it Madison's play room. Our room is pretty big as it is over the entire garage. 1/4 of it will house our workout machine and tv so I'm getting ideas for the other 3/4 of it. I have no idea where to begin but here are some ideas I have. 

I love this entire room! From the colors to the shelves and cubbies. My most favorite part is the half wall dividing the room. I already have the room arranged to help deter her from playing with the equipment. It somewhat helps. I would love having nice bookshelves with a walkway off to one of the sides to we can get to our machine and can put up a baby gate.

I love this! These are Ikea bookshelves turned on their side to make seating with additional storage for toys. I would love to have one wall with this on it.

We have a couch up there in front of the windows but I want to take that out and put in a nice, comfy window seat that could also serve as extra sleeping space if anyone ever stayed the night.  I love the bookcases and extra storage.

Our walls are slanted as well so this helps visually, even though there's not much room for toys with the chairs, couch and table. I do love the little place on the left for hanging clothes. A good idea for a 'dress up' station.


For above/near a bookshelf or reading nook.

These are framed board games without the glass. Put the game pieces in baggies behind the game and take down to play. Doubles as fun art!

Galvanized buckets to store crayons, pencils and markers.
Baby food jars, painted, for crayon storage
Salt and pepper shakers for glitter
These are $1 buckets from Michaels. Drill holes and attach with zip ties! Love this for toys storage and it looks fun too!
An easy solution for hanging artwork and being able to switch out easily.

Love this paint color and color scheme!

This is adorable! I also really like the paper roll on the table for a place to color!

I saw a cute idea where you pass letters back and forth through a mailbox. This would be a really cute and I think she would love this!

Reading Nook

Love this stage! She loves attention so I think she would really love performing on a stage! This is so cute!

Dress up

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