Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Local pumpkin patch

Since our pumpkin patch fail over the weekend, we decided to go to a local patch. I called the 2 in town today and one said they didn't have any left to pick but had plenty to choose from. The other one said, after hesitation, that they did have some left for picking. We decided to go to the first since neither of us had been there. I was excited about the hay ride, only to get there to be 1 of 3 people there. I asked the cashier and she said they only do school hayrides during the week but had one at 3:30(it was 2:15) if we wanted to get on that one if there was room. "No thanks, we won't be here that long" so off we went to look for our already picked pumpkins.


Those lashes....

Waving to somebody.

"Yay" for pumpkins!

No she's not walking completely unassisted but she wanted to here! She was letting go of our hands. Hopefully soon she will be walking around and not just back and forth in between us.

Alan's is the biggest pumpkins and Madison's is the curly Q stemmed one. Boiled peanuts, apple cider slushies and caramels.

We will be carving them tomorrow and I will post pictures by the weekend :)

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