Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sesame Street Live!

 So I entered Madison into a contest for a local Moms group for tickets to see the show. I was very hesitant to buy her tickets since she's never been to a show before and had never seen a 'mascot' in person. The contest was to tell them how your child loves music.(the show is called "Can't Stop Singing")  So of course that was right up Madison's alley! I posted 2 videos of her dancing and playing with maracas and she won a runner up!! It came with 4 tickets to see the show! We were so excited!! We got there an hour early so she could play in the Play Zone which included some short shows with a few of the characters. We knew she was going to love it when we walked around the corner out of the parking garage and she saw the big truck with the characters on it. She laughed her head off! We went inside and she had the best time seeing the characters before the show. Her top teeth were trying to make it's way through so that's why her finger is in her mouth in just about every picture..

 There's Murray performing .. She loved him!

He stopped to say Hi!

 We've always called her Cookie Monster because she grunts and moans when she eats.. Even when she was a tiny baby. She does it worse now that she eats finger foods. She loved meeting him too! (And I think Alan did too hehe)

Ernie's hands :)


A preshow snack!


The show begins!

She had so much fun clapping and going "Ahhhh!" and dancing! She was the loudest and happiest baby around! Everyone kept looking back at her! Excuse me for my baby having fun at a children's show!

She did really good for about 30 minutes. There was a 15 minute intermission and then she started getting really squirmy. We ended up leaving before the show ended, after being there an hour. A show over an hour long for children is just too long! We are so glad we were able to go!

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