Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch fail.

I heard about this Orchard and thought it would be fun to take Madison to get some pumpkins and to see the Fall leaves in the mountains. We get there and there are people everywhere! Buses, cars, truckloads.. Tons of people! We walk up and there's a huge line that we thought was for the entrance. We stand in line for a few minutes and then I ask the lady behind us if this was the line to get in and she said "It's the donut line".. There were probably 75 people in line for donuts. Donuts. So we get out of line and go in. PPeople are carrying basket fulls of apples and we don't see one pumpkin. They have some pumpkins already cut out by the donut line but we don't see any people carrying pumpkins, only apples. We walk around a bit and find no pumpkin patch. I decided to pull up the site and found that we missed the pumpkin picking season by about a month :( We get some apple cider slushies(yum!) and a caramel/chocolate apple for me. When we leave, about an hour after getting there, the lady behind us in the donut line is finally at the window to get her donuts. We head to Hendersonville-our favorite town!  We park downtown and walk to a local place to eat and then we get ice cream at Marble Slab and then we head to try to find another pumpkin patch, with not much luck. We went to one that had no pumpkins on the vine. So we head home and decide we will go to the local patch this coming week. Their site says it's 'picking' season so we'll see! Bring on the pictures!

She really liked that spider!

Silly girl!

..and sleepy girl!

If you know or have been around M the past month or so, she is so curious about everything. She will *gasp* *point* and then say her version of "What's that?" (sounds like "Sat")


..and "sat?"

You can see the pretty Fall leaves in the background

Mountains on the way home

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