Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy 11 months Madison!

On the day she turned 10 months old (July 6th), she woke up pulling up on everything! She wouldn't even nap without pulling up 5 times! She pulls up and cries because she isn't sure how to get back down.  She still pulls up and cries.

We also weaned her from her Paci starting that day. She seemed to do fine for the few days following but naps have been an absolute nightmare ever since-an.entire.month. She won't just put herself to sleep anymore, except for bedtime, which is great, but mama needs her time during the day to do some things while baby is napping and that hasn't much happened this month. She will be absolutely exhausted by as soon as you turn around to walk out, she pops up screaming her eyes out. Sigh.

This month she is really talking a lot. None of it makes sense and she talks to herself constantly. Sometimes I swear she is repeating stuff we say. Today she seemed to be saying "Uh Oh". If she drops throws something, I always say it and today she started saying "Uh" right after it, every time I did it. Of course when Alan got home and I told him about it, she just looked at him like "I don't have a clue what she's talking about"  Her jibberish is so cute!

 She also loves music. I mean this girl will hear music before we hear it. She will bob her head or shake her body and start clapping. It's the cutest thing ever! She has finally started clapping with open hands and it's just precious. She used to clap with closed hands. Such a smart girl! 

and more dancing.. She has learned to hit the green music note to play the songs. Such a smartie pants!

She started walking with her push toy really well. She will go back and forth the living room for a while(with our help turning her around!) She's also a pro at opening the entertainment center and changing table cabinet doors. Both doors are hard to open so it shows us how strong she is! 

She started drinking from a straw cup. She started drinking from a regular straw here and there a couple of months ago so I finally bought her a straw cup a couple of weeks ago. She did it the first time without choking or spitting up or gagging. She really knows what she's doing. It's weird but she will grab the cup when she's thirsty. She's a little person now.

She learned to share. Not only her food but her toys, fingernail clippers and nasal aspirator. Yum!

She also reaches or points to a lot of things now. We make sure to say whatever it is she's pointing at. Fan should be her first word.

She has finally started crawling on her knees! She learned to army crawl/scoot at 8 months but in the past few weeks she has picked up her tummy and crawls on her knees. Now she doesn't even army crawl anymore and she can fly on those knees!

She learned how to crawl up the stairs. Guess it's time for a baby gate!

Bedtime beauty

Kissing Super Grover, or eating his nose.

The buggy I got for Madison at a local Consignment Sale for $14! Now we just have to figure out what to get her for her birthday now, since this was what we were getting...

Driving the buggy!

"Nobody's getting my things!!"

She's found her tongue..

First meal at Waffle House...and she paid!

Sweet baby girl

Peek a boo!

I see you :)

Working with using a spoon

Maybe her first non-furry pet...

Happy girl!

Nothing like a picture of a sleeping baby

Our little bookworm. She loves flipping through books and I have seen her do it for 20 minutes at a time! She will just flip front to back, jibber jabbering away. If there's flaps to lift, she will lift them all and keep going. It's so cute.

 Wilma begging for attention and Madison focused on her book!

Her schedule has changed a bit. She is now getting up between 7:30-8am. I also started weaning her to cow's milk today, so hopefully by her 1st birthday we will both be weaned! I talked to a nurse at the Pedi's office and she said it typically takes 2 weeks for a breastfed baby to get weaned fully. I won't know what to do with all my free time not pumping and I feel a little guilty weaning her. Even though she hasn't actually nursed since she was 3 weeks old, I feel it's a bonding experience somehow. She's still doing great eating finger foods and we will start having to order her something when we go out. This child eats like an adult! For breakfast she will eat 10 oz milk, 3 strawberries, an entire nectarine and some Cheerios! It's crazy!

It's hard to believe we have an almost 1 year old! She is and has always been the sweetest baby. She goes to anyone, smiles at everything and her laugh is the best sound! We can be out all day long, through 2 or 3 of her (should be) nap times and she will just cruise right along! As long as she's fed, she's a happy girl! We are so blessed!

*Disclaimer - that piano is not her only toy, but she does love it! :) *

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