Saturday, September 29, 2012

Play room

We never much used the bonus room before Madison's 1st Birthday party except for our workout equipment and the cat's litter box. We always knew once she grew up a bit, we would turn it into her play room. Enter her birthday party where she got a ton of toys. I set it up the best I could with what I had to work with. I will be posting later on all of the ideas I've gotten from Pinterest. Forgive my dark pictures as I took them with my phone for convenience :)

The view from the bonus room door. It will still house our workout equipment and tv but we did move the litterbox to downstairs. I tried to build a 'wall' with the kitchen and the trunk to the right. She still tries playing with the eliptical and cords.. You will see in my future idea post on how I plan to resolve this. :)

View from the opposite wall, looking back at the door.

A horrible, dark picture of the couch, windows and the radio on the end table.

I have set everything up in stations. I thought it would help her play a bit better with similar items.


Including crayons, coloring book and Alan's quiet book that his mom made when he was little.
She loves playing with the zipper page and the little felt person that goes in the 'bed'

Stuffed animals

Learning station 
Flash cards, puzzles, letter blocks, sensory bottles/tupperware, shaped blocks
For the sensory items, I put dried beans in a baby food jar, water and baby oil and blue food coloring in another food jar, water and oil with rubber bands and safety pins in another food jar and in the red tupperware is dried pasta. She loves digging in the pasta and throwing it everywhere. She also likes shaking the little bottles with liquid and the baby food jar is the perfect size for her little hands!


Play area

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