Friday, September 7, 2012

Things baby needs 6-12 months

As a follow up post to my Things baby needs 0-6 months, this post will tell you the things that Madison enjoyed during this time.

Mesh teether

We got her one for her Easter basket and she loves it! I like this brand because it has a gel pocket to keep the food cool. We keep ours in the fridge in between Madison using it. Her favorite food to eat from it is strawberry and banana. It does get messy but seeing her enjoy it so much is worth having to change her clothes afterward!

Mum Mums and Puffs
We gave her some at 8 months and she loves them. She loves feeding herself and feeling independent.
The Puffs seem to disolve faster than the Mum-mums and since they are small pieces, they don't break off
in her mouth which can be scary since she puts as much of the Mum-mums in her mouth that will fit!

Buttoned bibs
Around 8 months, she figured out how to pull her bibs with the velcro closure off.

Frozen vegetables

We started giving her chunks of food at 9 months. I know we could have done it sooner, we were just paranoid. I bought a package of frozen mixed veggies(corn, carrots, green beans and green peas) for us to eat as a side but one night when I fixed them my lightbulb went off. These were the perfect size for her to pick up! I now keep them in stock and she loves them!

Inflatable tub

When she started sitting up at 6 months, it was time to get rid of the baby tub. We used it from 6-9 months, until we put her in the regular tub
Food pouches

I waited until 11 months to give her one but now I wish I'd introduced them a lot earlier than that. She loves them and it makes for an easy car ride home when she's fussy and we give her one of those.

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