Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy 6 years!

6 years ago today, I married the man of my dreams. My very best friend and future father of my children. I knew from the moment we started dating that we would be married someday. We have the absolute best relationship anyone could ask for. We communicate about everything, always, always say "I Love You" when we leave(even for a few minutes or to go outside) or talk on the phone.We never argue. We witness so many people arguing about silly little things that just don't matter. You have to pick your battles and we just choose to get along! We make all decisions together and our biggest decision was to have a child. Of course, ultimately it was God's plan. A lot of people know we went through a lot trying to get pregnant and it took over 2 years. It was all in God's timing. Alan unselfishly lets me be a stay at home mom and that's so much more than I could ask for. We are so blessed for us to be able to do that and I'm blessed that I have a husband who wants me to stay home and care for Madison.

I knew right away that he would make a great father and he has really proved me right! He's an excellent father and Madison just adores him! She lights up when he comes home. I love that he got emotional at her party today while thanking everybody for coming and while praying.. He apologized for me but I told him that's why I (and other people) love him.. He doesn't care about showing emotion... I love you babe and here's to the next 60!

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