Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy 1 year, Madison!

Wow, this year has flown by! I can't believe a year ago today, I was the most nervous I had ever been in my life! At 4:22 pm, after 8 hours of labor, our gorgeous little girl was born! She has grown so much and is so very smart.

She learned how to say "Uh Oh" early in the month. Sometimes she says it clear as day but most of the time she just says "Uh" or "Oh" when she drops or throws something. I also think she has learned to say "I get it". I am constantly saying that to her when she's reaching for something. She has been saying it a few days when she goes to get something. Maybe I'm crazy but I swear she is saying it! She also says "Hey" but it sounds more like "eeeeyyyyyyy" hehe It's cute :)

One night this month, she woke up from 11-1am and then up again from 4-7am. I thought she was teething because she had been acting funny for a few days. That brings us to this picture. This was at breakfast. Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the crib...

And this one was at lunch.. "I am not sleepy, I am not sleepy..."

Enjoying some pasta :)

Eating her first icee. She loved it! 

and a video of it..

She's become really good at copying us. Here's an example:

Her new favorite thing is the food pouches. I bought her some while at the beach and she loved it! I have now stocked up on them for car rides.

She barely wants us to feed her anymore. She likes playing with a spoon and 'dipping' it into her food bowl if we are feeding her something messy but we usually have to end up giving it to her because she refuses to eat from us most of the time.

She has started really loving to read. She will flip through a book the entire time we are in the car and jibber jabber. I love this video! Most of the time the book is upside down but it doesn't matter to her :) Listen out for her to say "Yellow". I know she isn't saying it but it sounds like it and I swear she said "Purple" right after me the other day.

This video was in our beach trip blog but it's so stinkin' cute I had to include it in this one too. This girl loves her some music!

Along those same lines is this one from the library story/music time

Alan coughed the other day and she just died laughing! So of course he did it over an over again and she thought it was just hysterical! Of course the next day she didn't laugh at all when he did it.

She's learned how to take the lid off of her Puff container and get a Puff out on her own.

Her and her Daddy had been doing this over the weekend.. Cute.

Naked baby!

Tall girl!

Blueberry mouth to match her blueberry eyes.

She fell last week and hit her head on the corner of the baseboard.. It was awful :( She cried real hard until I swooped her up and she pretty much stopped right then. She has her mama's pain tolerance for sure! She's a tough little gal!

Alan met us at the library for muic time and then we took her to lunch and to the zoo(blog post to come later). We stopped and got her a cupcake on the way home to eat after supper.

Listening to us sing "Happy Birthday"

"Is that mine?!"
(We gave her 1/4 of the icing and half the cake)


This year has been nothing short of amazing. She is the best baby and we are so blessed to have her in our life. She is always so happy and full of love and smiles for everything! She has this little personality that bursts out! No words can describe how we feel for her. Our love for each other has also grown. To see the person that you thought you loved with all you have before you had a child, play and be silly with your daughter is a feeling you can't describe. Mama and Daddy love you so much! Thank you for blessing our lives this past year and the years to come.

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