Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things baby need: 0-6 months

When I was pregnant, I always wanted ideas on what we as parents actually needed and what was a waste of money. G&D did this in February and I thought it was a great idea so I stole it!

Layette/Open bottom and zippered sleepers

Layette/open bottom sleepers are a must for newborns. Who wants to unsnap and snap 20 snaps 10 times a night? Not me! Madison has been very active since the day she was born so she was only able to wear these a couple of months without the sleeper easing it's way up around her chest but we loved them while it lasted! Our favorite after that, became the zippered sleeper. This is made for the lazy person :) It's so easy and fast. We always end up missing a snap or snapping them into the wrong ones and have to redo the whole section.. Who knew?!

Bottle drying rack
This is the rack we have and I could use either another one or a bigger one. With my pump parts and bottles, this one isn't big enough to accomodate all that with bottles and lids. It is a must have though.

Breathable bumper
 I could kick myself for paying what we paid for her bedding set(bumper, blanket, crib skirt and sheet). I don't recommend it. Just buy a sheet and one of these breathable bumpers. If you can find a crib skirt to buy alone, buy it. It does make your crib prettier! :)

Monitor with voice activation
 This is the one we use and I really like it, except the range sensor beeps a lot and it's pretty annoying. I do like that it has the sound sensor on it so there's no white noise all night- it only goes off if she makes a noise.

Baby car mirror
If you have a baby in a car seat, you need one of these in each car you have. It allows you to see the face of a rear facing baby, which means ages newborn-2 year old.

Consignment Shops

95% of Madison's clothes/shoes and some toys came from consignment shops.  I just can't see paying $10-$20 for an outfit when I can get 3-4 for that much. As fast as Madison is growing and as many outfits as we go through each day, we need a lot of clothes. A couple of weekends ago, with the help of Alan's mom, Madison is now set through 12 months size clothing for $75. We got about 55 pieces of clothing at 2 consignment shops. I got 25 at one and she bought 30 at another.

Boppy pillow
 If you get nothing on this list, get 2 of these. Get one for every room in the house! We have 2, one for the living room and one for the nursery. It kept us from dragging one from room to room and I'm so glad! These things are a lifesaver and we still use ours to cushion her if she falls during sitting up. Make sure to carry it to the hospital too. Your, and everyone else's arms will thank you!

I have a love/hate relationship with these. I am not sure we would have gotten any sleep for her few months of life without these but then we had to break her of it back in February. 

Plastic backed bib
These are another must! Especially when baby starts eating solids. The cloths bibs will just soak right through onto his/her shirt and then what's the point?  


Crib piano
 I got Madison one at a consignment shop and she loves it. She will wake up playing it! It's really cute. She loves it.

This one has a ball inside that rattles and is really easy to hold onto with the holes all over.

This ball is super easy to hold and is flexible and it rattles! Madison loves to chew on it!

 Sophie the Giraffe is a must for teething babies. She's easy to hold, has lots of parts to chew on and it's dyes are completely safe and non toxic!

For the breastfeeding mom:

Medela pump in Style Breast Pump
 If you are nursing full time or exclusively pumping, this pump is a must! It's quite pricey but I got my money back within the first week. It even comes in a neat bag that looks like a tote and has a wall plug and a battery powered backup, which comes in very handy when you are going to be somewhere without an outlet during a pumping session.

Milk Storage Bags
 This brand is the best I've tried out of 3 brands. Whatever brand you choose, you need some of these to store extra milk!

Spandex Sports Bras
These are so handy! I tired the nursing bra with the little clasps and boy is nothing harder than holding a baby with one hand and trying to clasp a bra back together with the other. I finally gave up and started wearing these.

*Note: These are strictly my opinions and suggestions. Some of the images I used are not the brand I use. I found all images via Google Image Search.

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