Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 6 months, Madison!

 February 11 - my mom watched her from 1:30-8 so we could celebrate Valentines Day by going to IKEA and eating at Del Friscos in Charlotte. This was the second longest time we spent away from her and we definitely missed her but it was nice getting away and my mom enjoyed her time watching her. She said she laid her on the floor on her back, walked away and came back and she was on her belly. She did this one other time in her crib and once on the floor since then, and neither of us saw her do it!
 Here she is looking like a little Angel napping on my mom's bed

Here she is in her 2 Valentine's Day outfits.
This one given to her by my mom, her Grandma.
 This dress was given to her by Alan's mom, her Nimmie.

February 15- I noticed today when I put her on her belly, she is trying to crawl or something! She will put her feet flat on the ground and stick her butt in the air! She scooted a couple of times but not enough to call it a crawl. It's cute though. I tried getting video but as always she stops doing it the second I turn the camera on.

February 17- after 2 weeks of no success with Madison sleeping through the night, me sleeping in her room Mon-Thurs, Alan sleeping in there Friday and Saturday so i can get some rest AND with her getting up every single hour(sometimes twice an hour) the past 2 nights, we had to intervene. We tried keeping her up and playing with her hard until 8:30. She was up within and hour after being swaddled, rocked to sleep and her pacifier in. We decided to let her cry it out. After about a week, she was pretty much sleeping through the night in her crib, unswaddled and without whining for her pacifier. Read full post here

February 22 - The first night since starting her sleep training that she slept the entire night, not whining at all, from 8pm-9am, and I had to get her up at 9! She was wiped out! I got up at 1am and 4am to check on her. I wish my internal alarm would stop going off :)

March 3 - While we were getting our hair cut today, we were talking about getting Madison's ears pierced. We were going to the mall anyway and went in Claire's. I was internally freaking out cause I knew Madison would cry, which makes me cry. We talked to the manager and she told us to come back when we were on our way out of the mall in case she was real fussy. We finished shopping and went back. Alan held her while I held her head still. After the first one, she didn't cry.. She just looked at me. We were like "she didn't cry!!?" then the lady went to other ear and Madison screamed out! Alan and I both started crying! It was awful! She hurry and pierced that one and we swooped her up and loved on her, gave her a bottle, even though she had just eaten an hour earlier, and she was fine! She was so tired since it was 5:30pm and she hadn't napped all day because we had been out shopping. She fell asleep on the way to the car and slept the whole way home! We gave her lots of loves and let her watch a little tv. Thank goodness it was baby food and bat night- 2 of her favorites! I think that helped make her happy! I don't know what we will do if she ever falls down and gets hurt.. Whew!

She talks constantly! She even wakes up talking.. She is now smiling at the tv or the apps we have for her on our phones, which is really cute. She is also smiling at just about everybody she sees, from family to strangers. I can't go anywhere without strangers stopping to talk to her and now she smiles at them and that makes them even happier! She also 'chews' constantly. If she doesn't have a toy or her hand(or yours) in her mouth, she chews like she is chewing gum. It looks so funny! No signs of teeth yet! She has also been really interested in the animals this month. She stares at them if they walk within her site.

Here is her schedule lately:

8-9am: gets up for day. Eats 8 oz milk
11am: nap for at least an hour, sometimes 2.5 hours
8 oz milk when she gets up from nap
2-3pm(or 2 hours after she gets up): nap at least an hour
8 oz milk when she gets up
5-6pm(or 2 hours after she gets up): naps at least an hour
8 oz milk when she gets up
7:15pm - half jar baby food & 5 oz milk
7:30pm - bath every other night
7:45pm- pjs on and story time
8pm: bedtime! Sleeps all night

Here are some random pictures of her throughout the month:

How she constantly looks. If it's not her hand, it's your hand, a toy, her sock or whatever is nearby.
 The cutest picture! She smiles a lot but I can rarely get it in a picture

Sitting in her high chair.. Such a big girl, even though it looks like it swallows her whole!
She loves sitting in it since she can play with her toys

Knocked out in her car seat. You know she's out when the paci falls out!
 Another one of her cute smiles.. This is more of her flirting smile.
 This was a day that was 80 degrees and we went on a walk. I can't believe she fits in the toddler part of her stroller! She loved it!
 It's hard to believe we've had her in our life only 6 months! We don't remember life before her and we love her so much more than we ever imagined we could. She is so special! Everything revolves around her and she definitely rules the roost!  She has her 6 month pictures and her 6 month checkup this week so I will blog about those when I can!

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