Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sleeping beauty

After 5 months of fighting Madison to sleep(including naps), having to swaddle her and rock her to sleep, she is finally napping great and sleeping through the night unswaddled and without having to be rocked and without waking up 12 times a night looking for her pacifier! It's amazing! We decided to let her cry it out a  week ago. It was very hard!, but it worked! She slept from 1:30AM to about 6:30AM solid and then woke up and fell back to sleep until 7:30.

Fast forward through some good and bad nights. Some "sleep through the night" nights and some "wake up every hour" nights. She has now slept the past 4 nights from 8PM to at least 7AM. Thursday morning I had to wake her up at 9.

We have tweaked her schedule a bit, trying to keep her up until 8. She is now eating around 7. Bath at 7:30. Story at 7:45 and bed around 8.

She is still adjusting to naps but is doing much better. We read her a story and then lay her down. Sometimes we will rock her a few minutes to get her calm but she typically doesn't get calm and just squirms. Sometimes she will cry/whine 5-10 minutes and then sleep for at least 45 minutes. Sometimes she doesn't cry at all and will sleep 2 hours. Just depends. She is doing great and that's all that matters to us! Why didn't we do this a month earlier?!

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