Monday, March 12, 2012

1.5 goal done!

4) Start back exercising. We have been talking about getting a treadmill or stair climber in the next couple of months. Since Alan stopped playing tennis regularly and when I got pregnant, neither of us has really done any real exercise. I haven't truly worked out in a gym in roughly 10 years! Before getting pregnant, I would run/walk the neighborhood.

We got this elliptical last weekend. After looking for a couple of weekends and not really knowing what to get, we finally decided on this one. After bringing it home and unpacking it and managing to get it upstairs, we were missing a screw. We called to get it sent out and waited. Alan decided Friday to put the handles together and found the missing screw clung to the handle. We both finally used it Saturday and it's a lot more of a workout than I thought it would be! I'm starting slow at 20 minutes with no incline, but Alan did a preset workout at 25 minutes with up and down inclines.

Also, the decorating part. I have yet to put up curtains in the bathrooms since we painted last April. 

I lucked up and found the ones for our bathroom on the clearance rack for $7 each at Target. I wasn't even really looking for curtains but they jumped out. I have been on the lookout for gray and brown patterned hand towels and a rug since the walls are gray and the tile is brown with specks of gray. The curtains are a mix between brown and gray and actually look pretty good in there, and they were the right length. Still looking for artwork for here too.

I have a love/hate relationship with our kitchen. I love our tile backsplash but I don't think the color of the kitchen matches it. I have been going back and forth whether or not to repaint it a neutral color. We were talking about adding curtains in there to warm it up, but after looking, I didn't like any of the options that the store had. Alan liked the khaki colored ones we decided to get. After hanging them, I think I like the kitchen color less and I'm not loving the color of the curtains but Alan likes both. I'm on the lookout for artwork to hopefully blend the color of the walls, curtains, cabinets and back splash. Hopefully artwork will be the answer.

I bought these balloon valance curtains for Madi's bathroom. I'm not loving them either, but Alan says he likes them. The window in there is really small so it's hard to find a curtain the width we need(27") in the color I wanted(pale pink). This curtain actually goes with her shower curtain and towels. After hanging them, I don't like how bunched it is. We will keep them for now. We are on the lookout for artwork to hang to the right of the window.

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