Monday, December 9, 2013

Potty training- 1 month in

It's so funny the things you talk about when you have kids :) We had a 20 minute conversation with another couple that have 3 toddlers the other day about potty training. Most of mine and Alan's texts or phone calls here lately involve some sort of poop or pee question, cheer session or snippet of what she has done that day. I still text or call Alan when she poops so he can praise her. She loves being praised and being the center of attention so we feel this helps her.  She also gets a treat when she does poop. In the beginning, we gave her stickers, let her put stickers on her board and gave her a piece of candy every time she peed or pooped but we backed off the peeing part once we felt she had it. When she poops now, she gets stickers put on each hand and some sort of treat(usually Nerds-they are her favorite!)

We feel like she is doing very well. She has had a few accidents at school and a couple at home here and there but for the most part, she is doing very well with telling us or going when we take her. She still wakes up wet at night some but I try to get her up at least twice to potty. Sometimes she wakes up dry in the morning and sometimes not. She went an entire week waking up dry after at least 5 hours of not getting up to potty. We are relying on her, for the most part, to tell us when she needs to go. She knows when she feels the urge and may say "Go potty!" and then not go when you take her and then by the time you get back to what you were doing, she will say it again. She has done very well this weekend with the pooping part. She has told us every time she needed to go. She still acts scared to do that in the potty and sometimes won't pee in the potty if she has to poop. I think she's scared if she pees, poop may come out too. She will just hold it until she can't hold it anymore and then finally either goes when we take her or she will tell us. She even pooped at a house she had never been to on Friday!

I don't have much advice as I feel like we've kind of flown by the seat of our pants with it. We've changed our methods a bit. We have never, however, went back to diapers. We have went from not letting her sit on the potty long to letting her sit there 20 minutes.  From taking her without asking, to asking to letting her tell us. Giving her treats to backing off of them after a while. It really depends on you and the child. What you feel comfortable with and how the kid reacts to it. Some people say Madison is too young(she's now 27 months) to train but we didn't want 2 kids in diapers! I just hope she doesn't backslide when Riley makes her appearance!

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