Monday, December 16, 2013

Riley's room is complete!

 I didn't realize I never updated Riley's room. Well, here it is! I am adding things here and there but this is the finished room for the most part!

Curtains- Walmart

'R' and bird cage- Hobby Lobby
Daybed- bought locally
Comforter - bought new at a consignment sale

Glider- passed down from Madison- Toys R Us
Owl canvas- Hobby Lobby
Basket of books for handy reading and the small table will hold her humidifier and any 
nursing essentials

Crib- Graco Lauren- Passed down from Madison
Bedskirt- Pottery Barn- bought new from a consignment sale
Lamp- Target
Owl canvas tote holds bigger toys- Homegoods
Brown canvas tote in side table- Bed Bath and Beyond
"Sweet Dreams"-Hobby Lobby
The little pink tote beside the Bumbo will hold small toys. 

Brown tote- Bed Bath and Beyond
Entertainment center/changing table- local furniture store
Bird art- Hobby Lobby
The drawers hold bibs, burp cloths, blankets, photo albums, monthly stickers and other random items

Diapers, wipes, lotions, hand sanitizer and q-tips for easy access. The diapers will be taken out of the package and stacked in the tote when she gets here.

"Love" and the bird tray- Hobby Lobby
Blue and white birds- local place in Blowing Rock, NC
Owl plush, photo album and giraffe- gifts

Shelves- Target
Birds- Babies R Us
Trust in the Lord art- Hobby Lobby
The tote holds small toys

 Closet door organizer holds socks, tights, hairbows, shoes, hats, mittens and anything that will fit!

Diapers and wipes overstock on the shelf. 
Diaperbag(Graco) on the cubby was passed down from Madison

Extra Boppys(you can never have too many!) and the diaper cake from my shower(size 3s) on the other side. Breast pump and floor gym laying in the floor beside cubby. The cubby holds PJs and pants of all sizes.

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