Thursday, December 12, 2013

2nd pregnancy versus the 1st

The 3rd most popular question this time-right behind "When are you due?" and "Do you know what you're having" has been "How does this pregnancy compare to your first?"

With Madison, I worked until 3 weeks before she came. I didn't feel or look as big as I did now. I could nap on the weekends when I wanted. Heck, I don't really remember what we even did on the weekends or after I got home from work. I craved lots of sweets with her and I ate my weight in them! I could count on Madison to get the hiccups every day around 1pm, after I ate lunch. She would keep them for 30 minutes or so. She still keeps the hiccups for a long time when she gets them! I felt like I was pregnant for roughly 2 years with Madison. I loved every second of it. Feeling all of those first kicks and hiccups and all of the newness that came with it.

Now, I am a stay at home mom. I have a 27 month old that I'm having to keep up with, wake up early to rush to get ready before she wakes up, take her to school and pick her up a few hours later. I feel like I'm so much bigger. I'm staying more tired. My feet hurt so bad and my back has really had a hard time this pregnancy! I don't have the cravings I had with Madison. I will randomly crave a margarita, Mexican food or some salty chips. I do tend to have a bowl of cereal every night around 9:00 so I guess that's my craving. It's good since my glucose test was borderline gestational diabetic. I feel like there are more trendy maternity clothes or maybe I've just lucked up. Most of the shirts tend to be striped though. I seriously do not need any help looking wider! I've had 10x the heartburn than I did with Madison! Riley's knees and elbows feel like tiny razors when she rolls around but luckily she doesn't roll around like Madison did! She gets the hiccups about twice a day and she moves around mostly at night after 9pm. She doesn't move constantly like Madison did so I'm hoping that means she naps!I feel like I've only been pregnant 5 months. It has flown by! I guess I just don't have time to sit around and think about it. I love being pregnant. I don't always act like it or look like it but I do. I love the miracle we've created and feeling them move around. While we are sure we are 2 and done, I will miss not ever being pregnant again. It's an amazing feeling!

We also get the question "Will you have a 3rd/try for a boy?". Um no. We are beyond blessed to have Madison, much less Riley. We were very unsure that we would even get pregnant a 2nd time, after trying so long for Madison. We are perfectly content with our 2 girls. Plus, the surgery is already on the schedule ;) The doctors thought we were a bit crazy scheduling it the day we confirmed we were pregnant at 4 weeks. "Oh, we're sure we don't want more than 2!"

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