Wednesday, December 18, 2013

37 weeks pregnant with Riley

Date: December 18, 2013

How far along -  37 weeks

Growing Baby- She's practicing some skills: inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking. She's getting her first sticky poop ready for her first diaper.

How big is your baby? 

Symptoms- heart burn, very emotional, back hurting, getting comfortable at night very hard.

Weight- 132.2 lbs

Total weight gain/loss: +19.2 lbs

Belly measures- 39" at belly button

Cravingsweets, soda, those little white powdered donuts.. yum!

Bought- newborn socks, mittens, diapers, wipes, Mommy hook(a hook for the stroller that holds bags), burp cloths and a infant carrier(we got the Infantino Sash Mei Tai)

Done- Packed Riley's hospital bag

To Do: Pack my hospital bag, decide on her middle name. Now that I've seemed to agree, Alan is hesitating.

Looking forward to
- Doctor appointment Friday. Having her!

Other thoughts- I am officially full term today! If I went into labor, they would not try to stop it!

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