Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sophie, Madison's Elf on the Shelf. Days 1-7

She woke up Sunday morning on our Boone, NC trip to find that Sophie had arrived and was hanging from the fan! 
Day 1

She thought she was so interesting! Alan read her the book which explains the story of the Elf. If you aren't familiar, there are boy and girl elves. They are Santa's helpers and come on the 1st of December and watch you and report back to Santa whether you are good or bad. You aren't allowed to touch them because they will lose their magic. Every morning, they are in a different place in the house.

Day 2
Watching Madison's DVD player while eating Puffs

Day 3
Waiting to eat

Day 4
Ziplining in the kitchen

Day 5
Resting in a bowl of bells after ziplining all day the day before
 Day 6
Hoping this helps with Madison's potty issues!

Day 7
In the Christmas tree

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