Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Family of 4!!

We started trying last August. I stopped breastfeeding then and we knew that if we wanted to try for a second child, now was the time to decide. I called my OB while we were in Charleston and she put a new birth control(I was on one safe for breastfeeding and you need to switch after stopping) on hold for me in case we decided not to try once we got back. That way it'd be ready when we got back and once I was off the birth control I was on at the time.  So we decided to let God take the wheel.  9 months later, here it is!

It was the day I was supposed to start my period. I had a funny feeling I was pregnant because I had been craving Dr Peppers like nobody's business! I had more in a week than I've had since 2010!  I just had that feeling. So I woke up on May 3 and took a test. Just as the liquid slid to the left, so did a + sign. Like, lightning fast. Alan had left for out of state on the 2nd and wasn't due back until the night of the 3rd. I didn't want to tell him over the phone so I waited until he got home. He actually said "Do you remember what happened last time I was in Ohio? The Dr wanted to put us on some medicine to help out with the process of getting pregnant with Madison. Now I hear our baby girl playing in the background. Your period is due, right? How do you feel? Is it coming?" and I say "Boy how things have changed! He was pretty wrong! Oh, I don't know.. I am kind of cramping"

When I got Madison up that morning, I told her that she was a big sister and did she want a baby? "Yep!" she said. Then of course she kept saying "Baby, baby baby" and even said it on the phone with Alan but he didn't ask and I didn't mention it :) We ran to Target to pick up a card, another pregnancy test and a 3pk of onesies that say "I'm new here". So we came home and I took it and just as quick as the last one, "Pregnant" came up on the screen. I put the test in a jewelry box in a box with onesie and the card.  I have since taken about 6 tests.

He opened it up and just kept saying "Wow" over and over. "Welcome home!" I said :)
Our due date is January 8, 2014!

He stopped to get Chinese on the way home(before he found out) and here's the fortune that was in his cookie..

We are very excited to be blessed with another baby. We know Madison will be a great big sister. She has such a big heart and has a ton of love to share!

Please pray for the health of him/her and for me as well. I've been having lots of symptoms since finding out. More on that to come tomorrow! :)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you family.

  2. Congratulations, dear friend!
    I love the fortune cookie! It came at the perfect time! :)

    1. Thank you! I know.. weirdest timing!

  3. Congratulations!! YAY!!! How exciting for your family!! I was starting to think I would be pregnant alone.. even though we aren't in the same town or anything it's still exciting not to be alone! haha! :) :)

    1. Thank you! Being pregnant with someone is so much more fun! RC Cola(the above commenter) and I were pregnant at the same time and I have another friend here that just found out she's pregnant too! It is fun to have someone to talk and complain to! :)


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