Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More randomness

-I feel like we've been so busy lately. Between the birthday party planning, gymnastics, not napping(to keep my sanity, we leave the house), library activities, Father's Day, working in the yard.. whew! I just want a weekend where we don't do much.

-Speaking of the library, ours is pretty awesome. I've been taking M to story time since she was probably 3 or 4 months old. They read stories and play music and dance. Do nursery rhymes, finger plays and have puppet shows. They have a summer reading program where once you read your child so many books, they get a free book and a reusable bag. M got hers Thursday. This and next month they are having all sorts of activities from game days to reptiles. Last week a few local businesses(coffee shop, farmers marker, culinary students) set up in the parking lot and gave away free pasta, tomato plants and info. The farmers market had some great fruits and veggies for super cheap. I love that all of this stuff is free!

-So my sweet hubby worked until 6pm last week. I had supper in the oven one night but I kept wanting a pizza. I text him. He called and said he'd stop by a local place on the way home. He got there, ordered, and text me "25 minutes" ... 10 minutes passes and I say "Have you paid? Add a salad if not" He gets home 45 minutes later. Best.husband.ever. Best pizza? Notsomuch. Thanks honey!

-Madison has been anti nap for about a week. She goes down great at night but naps have been kind of whacky. Sunday, she fell asleep in the car and Alan put her down when we got home and she only slept 30 minutes. Monday, I put her down around 1(her normal nap time) and she went down great, played for about 30 minutes and then screamed. I let her cry a bit but eventually got her up. She ate, went upstairs to play and I put her back down at 4. I decided to put a book in her crib to let her play with it. Worked like a charm! She went down great and even fell asleep without crying!

-We cancelled Netflix last month. We just found that we were keeping movies for weeks, only to watch 15 minutes and turn it off because it was horrible. We agreed that we'd just do Redbox if we wanted to watch. We have watched about 5 movies since then. I think I've only paid for 1. They text me free codes about every week and then you can find them online as well. I watched Safe Haven Thursday. So good! Oz. Not so much. Very strange.

-Alan and I had a date night 3 weeks ago. It was really nice. We went out of town to a restaurant we'd never been before. It was really nice. Afterward we came back home to Barnes and Noble and had coffee and a cookie. We weren't out late but it's always nice to just enjoy each other. Looking forward to our next date, which we need to get on the books.

-Worked on our landscaping this weekend. Alan smoothed out the dirt and we worked on getting some of those roots from the bushes out. We went to a local nursery and picked up 8 small bush plants and 2 flowering plants. They all get about 3' tall and they all bloom flowers at some point of the year. Got those planted last night. Looks so much better! Now to get mulch down!

What have you been up to lately?

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