Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy 21 months, Madison!

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-Knows Purple, red, blue, white, black, orange, pink and yellow.Also knows circle, triangle, square, heart, and star

-Saying longer sentences. One day she said "Ready to do Hot Dog?" While watching Mickey Mouse. Clear as day. Longest sentence yet.

-Loves pointing things out. Daddy's shoes, Mommy's glasses, Wilma's collar, etc.

-still hates meat and loves fruit.

-wearing 2T(and some 3T), size 4 shoes(tiny feet!)and size 4 diapers(size 5 overnight) Bedtime between 7:30-pm and getting up between 8-9am. You are now taking a 2 hour nap instead of (2) 1 hour naps. Sometimes they are a struggle but you usually go down easy.

-loves her Mickey, caterpillar, plane, snake, sidewalk chalk, music, watermelon, sand box, cupcakes, "dip it" and stickers.

-got her top 2 canines this month

I love seeing her cuddled up with her Mickey

Finally liked driving her car that she got for her first birthday.

Mother's Day at Biltmore

She loves ring pops!

Her first gymnastics medal!

First pedicure

Loves her "Dip it"

Made this video for Alan while he was gone on an overnight.

The first time she spun on her "Elmo" on her own

Happy 21 months to our gorgeous girl! This has been a fun yet frustrating month! You are also learning so much and talking a ton. You are also learning to push our buttons and not listen. You are still so very funny! You have such a personality! You are starting to open up to other kids and playing with them. You love playing outside and are starting to really like gymnastics(after 4 months!) You don't like sitting still which is the hardest part of gymnastics. Waiting for other kids to finish is not your favorite part but we are getting better at it.  You still are quite the Daddy's girl. You talk about him and you follow him around when he's home. Every song on the radio is "Daddy's song", even if Daddy has never sung that song. Ya'll love to go get slushies and pretzels at QT(gas station) and when he mentions it, you drop your jaw in excitement! We love you so much, pumpkin!


  1. Love your accent! It's been a fast 21 months, hasn't it?

    1. Thanks Kari! I *hate* hearing myself talk! Like a female Forrest Gump :) The first 12 months were fast but this past year has slowed down some. I'm sure it's faster for you, having a tiny baby and a toddler! You stay a bit busy :)


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