Saturday, May 4, 2013

Just one of those days..

Sometimes, when I feel that if I say "no" one more time, my head will explode. When I run out of new things to do at home but don't want to go out, Madison wakes up in this kind of mood.

The loving, kiss all your boo-boos, hug your legs, play on her own, kind of mood.

Madison slept in on Tuesday so I was able to get myself ready, feed the dogs and fix mine and her breakfast before she got up. Though I hate getting up early, it makes me feel better to have some me time in the morning. She usually isn't much of a player first thing in the morning. Usually she eats breakfast and then wants to watch tv or read books on the couch.

As parents, we go to great lengths to keep our kids happy. Going places when we don't want to leave the house, watching Barney when we'd rather have something without songs or purple dinosaurs on. Going to things we don't really want to go to, just to see them have fun..

We all need days like this. When we wake up feeling refreshed as a parent. Sometimes it takes our kids playing well on their on. Sometimes it's as simple as not having to pick up grapes off the floor that she's decided to throw. Or not saying "no" for at least an hour. Sometimes it's getting to do something for YOU while your kid is busy reading in their room.

Parenting is hard.. but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Sometimes I'm in a mood... sometimes she's in a mood, and most of our days aren't perfect. Sometimes I let her play on her own most of the day and sometimes I play with her most of the day. This whole thing is trial and error-even at almost 20 months.

 It's amazing how much a tiny person can change your life. There's a love in your heart that you never knew existed. A protector inside of you that never came to light. A greater love for your spouse when you thought you had given all you could. A worrier beyond your wildest beliefs. A hope that she becomes something you never were and that she doesn't have to face things you did. That she knows how much she's loved.. That she has enough fun, beach/mountain trips and memories to last a lifetime. 

As parents, we hope that we are everything we can be. We hope this little girl has nothing short of everything she wants in life-as a toddler and for the future.


  1. I couldn't agree more. And sometimes I am in a mood and can't even look at my son because he's being so rotten. Sometimes I need a moment, be it ever so small, to regroup.

    Great post. As Kari said, it's perfectly said.


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